Electrical Inspections

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Electrical Inspections Staff: Robert Chatham, James Hathorn, Marino Enriquez

Did You Know?

  • Electrocutions are the fifth leading cause of accidental death in the U.S.
  • One person is electrocuted in the home every 24 hours. (CPSC)     
  • One person is electrocuted in the workplace every 36 hours.  (OSHA)
  • More than 700 people lose their lives every year because of accidents associated with electricity and electrical products.  
  • 40,000 residential electrical fires occur annually. (CPSC)
  • More than $2 billion is lost on property damage.
  • Millions of dollars are lost on the job and in the home because of accidents and resulting litigation.          

Electrical FAQs:

Am I allowed to perform electrical work in my own home?

Yes. Under certain circumstances a homeowner may perform electrical work with a “homeowner's” permit. Please contact an Electrical Inspector for more information at (972) 721-2371  

How can I find out if the electrician I hired is qualified?  

All persons contracting electrical work within the City of Irving must be licensed by and registered with the city. You can verify any electrical contractor by calling the Planning and Inspections Department.

I would like to add a room to my house. Is an electrical permit required?

Yes. In most cases an electrical permit is required whenever electrical work is done. If you hire someone to perform the electrical work, that person is responsible for obtaining the permits and requesting inspections.

If I increase the size of my electrical service, am I required to bring the rest of my residence “up to code?" 

No. Only those systems or areas that are replaced or repaired must meet current electrical code.

Who writes the electrical code?  

The National Electrical Code is written by electrical experts in various fields. Originally written as a set of rules for the installation of electrical equipment by insurance companies in 1894, it has evolved into a complex document outlining safe electrical installation.

How can I tell if my electrical inspection passed or failed?  

The electrical inspector will leave a tag indicating whether the inspection passed or failed at the job site.

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