The Ms. Mature Irving Pageant Rules

Sponsored by Heritage Senior Center
(City of Irving Parks and Recreation Department)

The Ms. Mature Irving Pageant strives to showcase the talents of senior citizens. It is our goal to demonstrate the worth of the senior citizen to the community, and to choose someone "young at heart" to represent the City of Irving at official functions.

This is a beauty contest in which the beauty of the spirit is celebrated. The pageant is multi-ethnic, and city wide. You can register through any of the city recreation centers throughout the city. The following winners will be selected at the pageant: Ms. Mature Irving, a First runner up, a Second runner up, and a Congeniality award. Ms. Mature will hold this title for one year, and must be available to speak and entertain at city functions.
Pageant Rules
1. All contestants must be 60 years of age or older, and a resident of Irving for at least the past consecutive year.
2. All contestants will compete in three main areas:

  1. Personality
  2. Talent
  3. Eveningwear
The Personality presentation will be 3 minutes. The Talent presentation will be two minutes 45 seconds.

What each contestant will need for the pageant:

Personality Competition: A special outfit will be needed that reflects the contestant’s personality. For example a nice dress or pantsuit to make the contestant feel her most attractive and confident. If she prefers, she can wear an outfit that reflects her interests; such as a dress and pretty apron for the lady who loves to cook, or a square dancing outfit for the lady who loves to be active and meet people.

Talent: Each contestant will need to have a talent presentation ready to be displayed or performed. 

Eveningwear: She will need an eveningwear ensemble to model for the judges,and be required to answer a question they present.

Each contestant will be judged with consideration to the following:
1. Contributions to the community. 
2. Poise  
3. Conversational Skill   
4. Life Attitude 
5. Personality