question  Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are the gifts affordably priced?
Yes! You will be amazed at the incredible prices for hand made unique gifts! 

2.  Where is the shop? 
Inside Heritage Senior Center at 200 S. Jefferson St. here in Irving.

3. What if I have questions not found here? 
Call (972) 721-2496 and speak to the Gift Shop Liaison Pat Davenport, she’ll be happy to help you!

4. Can non-senior citizens shop there? 
Absolutely!  All ages are welcome.

5. What items do you have? 
Anything from quilts to baby gifts, come see!

6. Are the items handmade? 
Yes, and they are excellent quality!

7.Can I special order items? 
Yes!  We customize dolls jewelry and other items, and if you have an idea for an item you want made talk to our vendors and they will try to help you!

8. Do you ever have sales? 
Yes we do!  Watch for our excellent Christmas Sale the first week of every November, and our Spring and Summer sales!

9. How can I become a vendor? 
You must be a member of Heritage Senior Center (age 50 or older) and you must work eight hours a month in the shop to help keep your vendor status current.

10. Can outside vendors participate in the sales? 
Yes, you must register with the Gift Shop Liaison Pat Davenport and there is a $10 per table per day fee.