What We Do:

Fire Suppression

The Irving Fire Department responds to fire emergencies within the city limits.  Mutual aid agreements with other Dallas County fire departments allows Irving to assist other cities when large or multiple emergencies exceed their capacity.  These agreements also provide for assistance to the Irving Fire Department, when needed. The Irving Fire Department has 308 uniformed personnel assigned to Suppression Operations. Station personnel operate on a 24 hours on-duty, 48 hours off-duty shift

Hazardous Materials Response

The department has a Hazardous Materials Unit, assigned to Station 8, to respond in the event of a chemical spill or release.  Our hazardous materials team consists of two in-service fire companies with two specialty support vehicles.  Private contractors are used for the cleanup at the property owner's expense.

Technical Rescue Team

Irving's firefighters have been trained in various types of technical rescues, such as high angle rescue, trench rescue, heavy machinery rescue, and vehicle extrication.  This service provides rescue to victims trapped in hard to reach areas such as the bottom of holes, on building ledges, train trestles, or window washer platforms. The Technical Rescue Team is assigned to Station 6 which has a Heavy Rescue vehicle for technical rescue responses.

Swift Water Rescue Team

Texas weather often causes high water conditions.  The three lakes that are located in the city, the creeks, canals, and the Trinity River provide our firefighters with an opportunity to practice water rescue. The Swift Water Rescue Team is assigned to Station 1 which has a zodiac boat and trailer for swift water responses as well as Boat 8 on Lake Carolyn.

Emergency Medical Response (EMS)

The Irving Fire Department staffs eight Mobile Intensive Care Units, MICU, with a minimum of two paramedics.  The MICU staff provides treatment and transport for medical emergencies to hospitals in Irving and adjoining cities.  All of the fire engines in the city are paramedic fire engines, meaning they are staffed with a minimum of one paramedic.  Paramedic fire engines are supplied with all the tools necessary to provide initial emergency care to accident victims. The Irving Fire Department has 179 Paramedics and 67 EMT rated personnel.

Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division of the Irving Fire Department has 14 people assigned to it, including the Fire Marshal and Assistant Fire Marshal, and 3 Fire Prevention Lieutenants. All 14 are State of Texas Certified Fire Inspectors and Fire Investigators. Eleven are Texas Certified Arson Investigators. Fire Prevention staff operate out of the Fire Administration office, the North Inspection office located at Station 11, and at the Public Education Station.

The duties of the Fire Prevention Division include:

  • Enforcing the laws of the City of Irving and the State of Texas pertaining to fire prevention and arson
  • Conducting Certificate of Occupancy and other inspections to assure compliance with fire and safety codes and ordinances
  • Conducting comprehensive educational programs on fire safety and fire prevention for commercial businesses and industrial organizations.
  • Investigating the cause of fires, determining facts, and gathering evidence of suspicious and suspected arson fires.
  • Assisting in the formulation and revision of ordinances, and fire codes.
  • Reviewing building plans to assure compliance with life and fire safety requirements.


The Fire Training Academy is located at 2603 Esters Road.  The staff at this facility coordinates continuing education as well as new product and refresher training for the Irving Fire Department.   The training academy also maintains state-required training records. The Training Academy for the Irving Fire Department has one Captain, one Lieutenant, and one Fire Equipment Operator assigned to it.

Fire Communications

The Irving Fire Department has a state of the art fire alarm office.  Irving has been a part of 911 since the early 1980's.  A computer aided dispatch system was installed in 1994 to aid in the timely response to emergency situations. Fire Communications for the Irving Fire Department is done by one Captain, four Lieutenants, eight Fire Equipment Operators, and four Firefighters.

IFD Apparatus

The Irving Fire Department has; 11 front line engines the oldest of which is a 2000 Pierce 1500GPM pumper, 4 front line trucks the oldest of which is a 1997 Pierce 105 ft Aerial, 8 Frazier Ambulances all of which are 2009 or newer, one 2009 Heavy Rescue vehicle, one 2005 Brush/Parking Garage unit, one 2004 Haz-Mat truck, one Decon Trailer, one Mass Casualty Trailer, one 2008 HarbourGuard Fire Boat, one Swift Water Rescue inflatable boat, 2 Battalion Chief Suburban type vehicles, plus various support vehicles.

Free Blood Pressure Screenings

The Irving Fire Department provides free blood pressure screenings at fire stations throughout the city.  If you are not familiar with the location of the fire station nearest you, call (972) 721-2651.  Your health is very important, do not wait for an emergency to call on your fire department.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Your Irving Fire Department has Thermal Imaging Cameras on all front line fire apparatus. These instruments allow the firefighters to:

  • Make faster searches for victims in structures
  • Find hidden fires in walls
  • Find hot appliances
  • Conduct search and rescue in wooden areas or water

The cameras are readily available on each unit and are taken in on all structure fires to search for victims.

Property Room

The Irving Fire Department Property Room is located at Fire Administration and is operated by a Property Coordinator and a Property Technician. They supply the department will all necessary items to operate on a daily basis.

History of the Irving Fire Department

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