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Irving Code Enforcement

Complaint submission form

In our ongoing effort to provide the highest level of service delivery, we encourage input from citizens and visitors to the City of Irving. The following guidelines will help us help you in resolving complaints and solving problems.

Residents and visitors in the City of Irving may file complaints concerning the following through the Code Enforcement Department at (972) 721-4929 (automated) or (972) 721-4829 during business hours.

  • Minimum housing for apartments, hotels and motels, and single-family dwellings
  • Manufactured home communities (Mobile Home Parks) for trash and debris, outside storage, illegal land use, high grass and weeds, junk or abandoned motor vehicles, required set backs, general condition of premises, or individual manufactured home lots.
  • Property Code issues such as trash and debris, illegal land use, outside storage, junk or abandoned vehicles, high grass and weeds, parking on grass, or general condition of the premises.

Required information will include:
  • Name of business, company or property
  • Location or address
  • Nature of violation
Written complaints may be either faxed to (972) 721-3634 or mailed to the Code Enforcement Department, 825 W. Irving Blvd., Irving, Texas, 75060. General questions or comments are welcome at (972) 721-4829.