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Locate Request Form

  1. Locate Request Form

    Request to locate City of Irving Water and Wastewater Infrastructure. It is advised that all locates be requested 4 business days in advance. Water Utilities may request a representative be present at the time of the scheduled locate. Franchise Permit numbers are required for all locates requested by Franchise Utility Companies. Locates will not be completed without the permit number.

  2. If Applicable

  3. Locate Valid for 10 Days

  4. Water Utilities provides locating service in order to expedite your work and help protect the public water and wastewater facilities. All lines will be located in approximate area of main. Such locating does not absolve excavators from the responsibility for damages to lines regardless of the accuracy of the locate or whether or not the City provided such service.

  5. It is your responsibility to protect the water and sewer facilities during the course of your work and to promptly notify Water Utilities at 972-721-2261 (8am-5pm) or 972-721-2281 (after 5pm and on weekends) of any damage to these facilities.

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