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Earthwork and Tree Removal Permit

  1. The issuance of a Tree Removal Permit does not grant the right to excavate / grade. The issuance of an Earthwork Permit does not grant the right to remove protected trees.

  2. Permit to fill, grade, excavate or otherwise disturb the ground of the real property described above in accordance with Irving City Ordinance No. 7534.

  3. • The Tree Removal Permit must be completed first.

    Submit three (3) sets of grading / erosion control plans.

    • TCEQ General Permit No. TXR150000 (March 5, 2008):

  4. Submit a copy of the Construction Site Notice (CSN) • Submit a copy of the site's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

  5. Submit a copy of the signed Notice of Intent (NOI*) as submitted to TCEQ. (*Mandatory seven-day waiting period after the date of the NOI before beginning work.) • Submit a copy of the SWPPP.

  6. • A CLOMR from FEMA may be required to fill floodplain.

    • A Corridor Development Certificate (CDC) from USACOE Ft. Worth District may be required to fill Trinity floodplain.

    • The applicant certifies that he / she has owner's permission to work on the property and acknowledges on behalf of owner the responsibilities described in Section 41-1, Chapter 41 of the City of Irving Municipal Code.

    The applicant acknowledges plan revisions and / or additional erosion protection can be directed in the field, if necessary. Applications for building permits must be submitted and approved before any other type of work can begin.

    The applicant will not be released from responsibility under this permit until all areas are revegetated and all temporary erosion control devices are no longer required and removed.

  7. Civil Engineer, Public Works

  8. A Tree Removal Permit can only be issued after issuance of a Building Permit. Otherwise, a variance to the Landscape Ordinance must be granted by City Council.

    Applicant certifies this application meets the requirements of Section 52-35a, Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, and further certifies that all construction pertaining to this project shall meet the requirements of the Landscaping and Tree Preservation Ordinance.

  9. Justification for tree removal

  10. Signature of survey preparer

  11. Physical features or proposed

  12. Tree(s) to be removed and all other trees larger than 6-inch caliper

  13. All easements

  14. *A protected tree is:
    a) a species of tree larger than 6-inches as listed in the Landscape Ordinance.
    b) Any species tree larger than 12-inches. No "protected trees" exist on the site.

  15. Plans Examiner, Inspections Department

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