The Parks and Recreation Department provides a variety of facilities to its residents throughout the city. Whether you're looking for indoor recreational opportunities, a neighborhood swimming pool, or a jogging trail, our facilities will help you stay fit and active.

The department also offers facility rentals at the aquatic centers as well as a number of recreation facilities. Please browse our site for more information, or contact the Parks and Recreation Department for specific details.
  1. Aquatics Facilities

    Read additional information about the pools located in the City of Irving.

    1. Aquatic Centers

      Find a list of aquatic centers featured in the City of Irving.

    2. Aquatic Center Rentals

      Learn more about renting the Cimarron Family Aquatic Center and West Irving Aquatic Center for your private event.

    3. Swimming Pools Map (PDF)

      View this map of swimming pools in the City of Irving.

  2. Parks Division

    View the park facilities of the City of Irving.

  3. Recreation Centers

    Discover more about the Recreation Division of the Parks and Recreation Department including a list of recreation centers, hours of operation, locations, and more.

    1. ID Cards

      Learn more about how to purchase an ID card, how to replace a missing card, how to renew your card, and more.

    2. Recreation Centers

      Find out information about the recreation centers including hours of operation, amenities, and more.

    3. Recreation Centers Map (PDF)

      Check out this map of the recreation centers of Irving.

    4. Hours of Operation

      A listing of each recreation center and its hours of operation.

  4. Facility Rentals

    Learn more about the buildings, gazebos, fields and aquatic centers that are available for renting or reserving in the City of Irving.

    1. Aquatic Center Rentals

    2. Multi-Use Buildings

      Find out information about how to reserve or rent multi-use buildings in the City of Irving.

    3. Picnic Pavilions and Gazebos

      Check out information on how to rent or reserve picnic pavilions, shelters and gazebos in the City of Irving.

    4. Recreation Centers and Fields

      Learn more about how to reserve a recreation center or playing field.

  5. Twin Wells Golf Course

    Twin Wells Golf Course is closed, beginning Oct. 1, 2016, for renovations. It is scheduled to reopen summer 2018.