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  1. Green Computing

    Slates, Tablets and Other Mobile Computers Now Eligible for ENERGY STAR

    On Aug. 12, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced an expansion of an existing ENERGY STAR category to include, for the first time, slate and tablet devices, two-in-one computers, and portable all-in-ones. Read on...
  2. ZipCar Launches Service in DFW Area

    ZipCar Launches Service in DFW Area

    Car-sharing has come to North Texas! ZipCar provides a new transportation alternative for residents who appreciate a more urban lifestyle and don't need a car on a regular basis, but still need a way to run errands or visit other cities in the region. Read on...
  3. Mulch Helps Protect Plants

    Mulch Helps To Protect Plants

    Applying mulch to gardens and flower beds will help retain moisture, which is critical in a drought or dry summer. A 4-inch layer of mulch on the soil surface, especially in sloping gardens, helps keep water from washing away soil ... Read on...
  4. Composting Saves Money, Enriches Soil

    Composting Saves Money, Enriches Soil

    Each year, nearly 4 million tons of yard trimmings and other organic debris are thrown away in Texas. Composting is a natural, low-cost way to recycle yard waste and organic matter into a beneficial, nutrient-rich fertilizer ... Read on...
  5. Water Conservation is a High Priority

    Water Conservation is a High Priority

    To minimize water loss in the city’s system, the Water Utilities Department uses highly specialized equipment to listen to underground infrastructure. Their work is focused on finding and pinpointing leaks that may otherwise go unnoticed ... Read on...
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