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    Latest News
  1. Recycling in Irving

    Recycling in Irving

    In Irving, more than 60,000 tons of garbage ends up in the city landfill, with each Irving resident throwing away approximately 3.7 pounds per day. Read on...
  2. Trees Offer Value to Irvings Landscapes

    Learn How to Enhance Your Landscape With Trees

    The City of Irving is celebrating its sixth year as a Tree City USA. There is a strong emphasis on the protection and care of trees in Irving. Learn how you can take part in our Tree Topics class. Read on...
  3. Greener, Cleaner Traveling Habits for the Summer

    Greener, Cleaner Traveling Habits for the Summer

    Traveling in and out of North Texas this summer? The travel industry is one the fastest growing industries in the world. It’s more important than ever for travelers to minimize their individual impact on the world’s air quality. Read on...
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