Important Changes for OverDrive Users


[UPDATE - October 30]  All items from the OverDrive eBook and audiobook collections have been successfully migrated and are now available through AXIS 360

Thank you for your patience.

New to AXIS 360? 

To get started, please visit the library's AXIS 360 collection page for links to the service, device apps and step-by-step instructions. If you'd like personal help, meet the library's Tech Tutor at the South Irving Library from 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesdays, or at the East Branch Library from 1 to 3 p.m. Wednesdays. Either drop by, or make an online reservation to secure your time slot.

eBook Migration FAQ

Q: Why is the library consolidating these collections?

A: Short answer - To simplify services and save taxpayer dollars.

Long answer - When eBook collections first became available to public libraries, to differentiate their services vendors locked in book publishers with exclusive contracts. For example, if a library wanted to offer eBooks from Simon and Schuster AND Harper Collins, they needed to subscribe to two eBook services. In the past year these exclusive contracts have ended, making it possible to offer titles across a wide range of publishers from a single eBook vendor. We believe you will find it much easier to locate eBooks you want to read in two collections (AXIS 360 & Hoopla) rather than four.   

The move also saves the library $12,000 in platform fees each year charged by OverDrive, the highest amount among the three services.  This move will allow the library to reinvest in more titles and copies of books, which we believe benefits everyone.

Q: Why migrate to AXIS 360, instead of OverDrive?

A: Several reasons make AXIS 360 an attractive choice. 

  • AXIS 360's set up is simpler and is easy to use.   
  • AXIS 360 has a larger selection of eBook and audiobook titles for children and teens to choose from.
  • AXIS 360 has an extensive collection of titles available in English and Spanish language.
  • AXIS 360's platform fee is much lower than OverDrive.

Q: Will all the OverDrive eBook and digital audiobook titles be available in AXIS 360?

A: We expect the vast majority of items will migrate to the AXIS 360 service, but some titles may disappear due to publisher contractual obligations. We will determine on a case-by-case basis whether we will repurchase a title in AXIS 360.

Q: What will happen to my holds on OverDrive?

A: We will maintain the existing hold lists in OverDrive through migration day, September 30. In addition to moving the titles, we will also migrate the hold lists and continue them within AXIS 360. To ease the transition period we may restrict the ability to place new holds in OverDrive between August 1 and September 30.

Q: Why are there no new titles on OverDrive? 

A: You will find the latest eBook and digital audiobook titles now in AXIS 360. We discontinued purchasing new titles in OverDrive at the end of June.

Q: Will my device work with AXIS 360?

A: AXIS 360 supports Android / Apple iOS tablets and smartphones, PC, Chrome and Mac computers, and most Kindle Fire tablets. AXIS 360 does not offer titles in the Kindle file format, which will impact users of Kindle eReaders (original, Paperwhite, Voyage, and Oasis), or a first or second generation Kindle Fire tablets.  

Q: I only have an old Kindle eReader. What are my options?

A: Many new tablets come loaded with Gigabits of storage for full HD movies, mega-pixel digital cameras, display screen delivering millions of colors, video services like NetFlix and high-speed Internet. You don't need any of these features to read an eBook.  You need a recently-made tablet with Wi-Fi capability. Some inexpensive (less than $100) tablets worth considering include the Nook Tablet 7", Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite, Insignia Flex 10.1", and Amazon Fire HD 8. 

[Remember - all technology eventually becomes obsolete. A new tablet is expected to deliver four to five years of service.] 

Q: Is the Hoopla Digital service affected?

A: No. Hoopla Digital uses a completely different subscription model and is unaffected by these changes. You can continue checking out up to seven eBook, audiobook, movie, music and graphic novel titles every month with no waiting or hold lists.

Q: What are the guidelines regarding AXIS 360 checkouts?

A: Maximum of five items can be checked out simultaneously. Items checked out can be returned at anytime. Circulation period is 21 days.

Q: How do I get started with AXIS 360?

A: The easiest way is to visit our AXIS 360 landing page where you will find instructions, downloadable apps, and important links to the service and help pages.

Q: I have another question or need more information.

A: Please call your local Irving Public Library during regular business hours, or email the website coordinator.