Performance Office

The City of Irving is a data-driven organization with a strong commitment to transparency, quality, innovation, and performance excellence. 
Performance Office provides an integrated approach to organizational performance management that results in:
  • Driving continuous improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities 
  • Continuously striving to accomplish strategic goals 
  • Promoting and supporting organizational and personal learning

We provide support for the city through the following efforts: 

  • Strategic Planning – The Performance Office's role in Strategic Planning is to translate the organization's vision and goals into a comprehensive strategic plan that  aligns the actions and tasks of all departments with the City of Irving's goals.
  • Continuous Improvement Consulting and Training –  The Performance Office facilitates cross-functional teams tasked with solving known opportunities for improvement, which span multiple departments. The Performance Office offers training to employees in continuous improvement methodologies including Lean, Plan-Do-Check-Act, Innovation, Problem Solving, and Six Sigma process improvement.
  • Performance Management – The Performance Office is the business owner of the performance management system.  We support departments through management consulting, measurement identification, data analysis, performance reporting, training, and coaching.