Performance Office

The City of Irving is a data-driven organization with a strong commitment to transparency, quality, innovation, and performance excellence. 
Performance Office provides an integrated approach to organizational performance management that results in:
  • Driving continuous improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities 
  • Continuously striving to accomplish strategic goals 
  • Promoting and supporting organizational and personal learning

We provide support for the city through the following efforts: 

  • Strategic Planning – The Performance Office's role in Strategic Planning is to translate the organization's vision and goals into a comprehensive strategic plan that  aligns the actions and tasks of all departments with the City of Irving's goals.
  • Continuous Improvement Consulting and Training –  The Performance Office facilitates cross-functional teams tasked with solving known opportunities for improvement, which span multiple departments. The Performance Office offers training to employees in continuous improvement methodologies including Lean, Plan-Do-Check-Act, Innovation, Problem Solving, and Six Sigma process improvement.
  • Performance Management – The Performance Office is the business owner of the performance management system.  We support departments through management consulting, measurement identification, data analysis, performance reporting, training, and coaching.
  • Customer Research – The Performance Office facilitates the city's customer feedback and research initiatives. The city collects feedback from residents and businesses through comprehensive, annual surveys and brief point of service surveys. The feedback collected through these surveys is used by City Council and staff to guide policy and resource allocation decisions, as well as improve services.