Top 10 Code Violations

Dead Tree / Limbs

  • Dead trees or limbs capable of causing harm or injury must be removed.
  • Property owner and tenants are responsible for cutting and trimming overhanging limbs and shrubs.
  • All trees must be trimmed to allow for a 7-foot clearance over the sidewalk.
  • Trees or shrubbery shall not obstruct, extend or protrude over or into streets and alleys and interfere with free movement of any vehicles.
  • Tree limbs overhanging from a private property to another adjacent property is not a code violation but rather a civil issue between the two parties.
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  • New fences require a permit and metal posts.
  • No permit is required if repairing or replacing sections of 100 linear feet or less.
  • Fences must be maintained in a good condition (i.e., may not be rotted, leaning, missing pickets, etc.).
  • Fence construction shall be of like materials, consistent and uniform from post to post (Section 15-18 (a) 11, of the Development Standards and Building Codes).
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High Grass and Weeds

  • Grass and weeds shall be no more than 10 inches high.
  • Property owners and tenants are responsible for keeping lawns mowed to the edge of the roadway.
  • Grass or weeds may not protrude over the sidewalk or curb. 
  • Alleys behind properties shall be kept mowed and limbs / shrubs trimmed back to the fence line. Trees in alleys must be trimmed to allow for a 7-foot clearance.
  • No grass to be blown into the street or storm drains.
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Junk Motor Vehicle

junk-vehicles A vehicle is prohibited if it is visible from the street or other public or private property, and
  • Has an expired license plate or an inspection sticker; and
  • Is wrecked, dismantled or partially dismantled, or discarded; or
  • Is inoperable and has remained so for more than 30 consecutive days.
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Outside Storage

  • Property owners and tenants are responsible for keeping their property free of illegal outside storage items.
  • Illegal outside storage items include and are not limited to the accumulation of household furniture, trash, building materials, car parts, merchandise for sale, inventory or supplies for a business, etc.
  • Playground equipment, children’s toys and barbecue grills may be stored on the side or rear yard.
  • All items except for patio furniture must be stored within an enclosed building or removed.
  • If minor in nature and customary for primary use, those items would not be considered in violation.
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Oversized / Commercial Vehicles

commercial-vehiclesIn residential districts, the parking of any oversized or commercial vehicle from the following list is prohibited:

  • Vehicles with three axles or more, buses, truck tractors, tow trucks, ones with rated capacity in excess of one and one-half (1 ½) tons, cargo or bobtail truck with more than 720 cubic feet capacity, or vehicles more than 20 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 10 feet in height.
  • Exception:   The vehicle is not parked in the front yard and is screened by a solid 6-foot high fence or wall.

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Parking on Grass

  • Parking of vehicles, boats or trailers is not allowed on grass or other unimproved surfaces.
  • Exception: The vehicle is actively being washed during the entire time of such parking.
  • Exception: The vehicle is screened on all sides by a 6-foot blind fence or a building wall, and the vehicle must be operable.
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  • Installing new signs or refacing a sign requires a permit.
  • Banners must be ground mounted and are allowed with a permit two times a year for 14 consecutive days.
  • Temporary signs no larger than 4 square feet may be placed in the parkway between the sidewalk and street from Friday noon through Monday noon.
  • The placement of temporary signs are not allowed in center medians, on telephone poles, street signs, trees, state highways or access roads.
  • Temporary signs must be removed by noon on Monday.
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Trash and Debris

debrisThe property owners and tenants are responsible for keeping their property free of trash, brush and debris.

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Trash Out Early

  • Trash shall be placed at the curb no earlier than 6 p.m. the day before collection day.
  • It must be properly bagged.
  • Construction materials and carpet will not be picked up.
  • Trash shall not be picked up on holidays.
  • Call for the brush and bulk trash pickup schedule before setting out: (972) 721-8059.
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