Communications Department

About the Department

The Communications Department collects and distributes timely information to a variety of interested parties across a number of platforms. External stakeholders include residents, media, other governmental bodies, businesses, and interested opinion leaders. Internal stakeholders include Irving employees, boards and commissions, the mayor, and City Council. A variety of tools are employed to inform and educate audiences, including printed materials, the city website, social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), and the television production department, Irving Community Television Network (ICTN).

Additionally, a number of town hall and neighborhood association roundtables meetings are held annually where residents meet face to face with city leaders. Communications also manages a Speakers’ Bureau that provides a subject matter expert for those holding events who are in need of a speaker.

The Communications Department consists of six areas:
  1. Community Outreach
  2. Graphic Design and Print Services
  3. ICTN
  4. Media Relations
  5. Publications
  6. Web Content and Social Networking

Stay Informed

Download the Stay Informed Presentation (PDF) illustrating all the ways the City of Irving works to inform resident, businesses, partners and staff.