Exam Registration

The first step in the application process for Police Officer is to register for the exam.  We will be having another exam April 1, 2017.  The link to register for this exam is at the bottom of this page.    
The exam will be at Macarthur High School at 8 am.

Macarthur High School
3700 N. Macarthur Blvd
Irving, TX 75062
Please carefully review requirements before completing the registration form.  After registering for an exam day using the link below you will be guaranteed admittance to the exam.   Walk-ins on the exam date are allowed based on test availability.  We will have close to 15 openings due to upcoming retirements.   
There will be a physical fitness test after the exam, so please bring work out cloths and sneakers.  You may dress in work out cloths to take the test or you may use the facilities at the school to change after the test.
The police civil service exam and physical fitness test are conducted on the same scheduled testing day so bring your PT cloths and sneakers with you.  You may also show up in your athletic clothing if you wish so you don't have to change for the PT test after the civil service test.

You will need a valid email to sign up for the civil service test.  We will be sending emails to you after you register about the test date and any updates after you sign up.  Please check your spam account because this is a mass email that is sent out.

Personal History Statement

Applicants are encouraged to start collecting the information needed for the Personal History Statement (PHS) located in the Applications section.

Register for the exam with the link below: 


Registration ends on 03/17/2017 at 5pm.  We do allow walk ins to the test, but they are on a limited basis.  Please contact Officer Trezza if you miss the registration date and want to come so we can have enough tests available.
Please check the link below to make sure you are registered and confirmed for the test.  If you are not on this list please contact Officer Trezza at ctrezza@cityofirving.org and he make sure you get a spot for the Civil Service test on April 1, 2017.

Confirmation Link: