Ask the Budget Guy

  1. I would like to see many more trees in Irving. Also, requesting an additional arborist and new equipment for the maintenance and upkeep of trees.
  2. I would like to see funding for a traffic study to add sheltered bicycle lanes to major thoroughfares to increase bicycle commuting. Estimated at $150,000 to $200,000.
  3. I would like to see funding for protected bike lanes as well as an expansion of lanes in Valley Ranch.
  4. Regarding the Master Plan for the city, what is the status of the repair Pioneer Drive from Irving Heights to O'Connor Blvd.?
  5. The access is poor to Campion Trail on Nursery Road and Hunter Ferrell. Would also like to see Nursery widened or adding sidewalks where it changes to Hunter Farrell. Other cities have DART access.
  6. Bicycling in the city is hazardous.
  7. Requiring alarm permits is not right or just. Misusers and abusers should pay, not everyone with an alarm. Alternatively, over time, the city could waive fee for people that do not have false calls.
  8. Will there be increases to either the water or sewer (monthly service and monthly usage) for FY 2015?
  9. Reduce property taxes.
  10. My understanding that establishments, whether commercial or residential, with an active water account are charged a monthly sanitation fee. Is this understanding correct?
  11. How many dumpsters provided by commercial dumpster vendors are in use in the City of Irving?
  12. How many businesses with commercial dumpster services also have access to curbside collection services?
  13. Why do commercial establishments that do not use the city’s curbside collection services have the monthly charge for service that cannot and do not have access to use?
  14. What is the amount of revenue collected related to the 5 to 6 percent franchise fees paid to the city by the commercial dumpster vendors licensed to do business in Irving?
  15. Would like an accounting of the sales tax collected (revenue stream) from taxable services provided by the commercial dumpster vendors.
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